John, from Bayonne, N.J. USA

Plaats hier de resultaten die je met de hart en vaatziekten behandeling boekt. Uw resultaten zijn belangrijker dan mijn artikelen.
Corrij (therapeut)
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John, from Bayonne, N.J. USA

Bericht door Corrij (therapeut) » wo aug 15, 2007 12:47 pm

Hi Corrij, I have some very encouraging news for everyone in our forum.

On April 12th 06, I had a (M U G A) test done, to measure my ejection fraction.

This test is the most accurate way to get a correct reading of your ejection fraction.

As you know, back in March of 2005 my (E J F) was 30%, in October of 2005 43%.

On April 13th 06, my cardiologists called me with the results of my (M U G A) test and my (E J F) is currently 55%, pretty much in the normal range, since 60% is ideal!!!!

The fact is I really did not feel that well before I started the supplement protocol!!

I know I only started the protocol 2 months ago, but it is my opinion that my diet, exercise, and life style combined with the protocol is what got me these great results.

My diet, exercise regimen, and life style was posted on the forum on January 27th 06 for any reference. I am going to continue everything that I am doing because I feel great!!!

Please post this on the forum for me and let Willy know the great news!!!!!! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW THANKFUL I AM TOWARDS YOU AND WILLY, and the FORUM!!!

Thank you so much,

John, from Bayonne, N.J. USA
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