Cardiomyopathy Success Story!!

Plaats hier de resultaten die je met de hart en vaatziekten behandeling boekt. Uw resultaten zijn belangrijker dan mijn artikelen.
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Cardiomyopathy Success Story!!

Bericht door Corrij (therapeut) » do aug 28, 2008 4:13 pm

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Hi Corrij! I know it's been forever since I've written on the forum, but I just wanted to share some great news after my last cardiology appointment. Just to remind you of my background info, my initial EF when I found out I had cardiomyopathy was between 30 and 35%. I was immediately put on the "usual" meds (Coreg and Altace) which did help, but I knew I didn't want to be on them forever, as the doctors were saying I would likely be. However, as I was so adamant about getting off the meds, my doctor let me try to cut down to half-dose once my heart reached a "safe" level (mind you, I had not been taking any supplements at this point). At my next appointment, my heart had worsened quite significantly, proving that my heart was dependent on the medication. I was so upset and didn't think there was any other hope.

So I guess it was over a year ago that I was was searching for alternative therapies when I came across this forum. Corrij was wonderful and told me all the supplements I needed to start on (basically the same regimen she recommends for most people with cardiomyopathy). From that day I have never missed a dose. At my next appointment my heart started to improve, as with every subsequent visit after that. While my doctor did not believe in supplements, she "let" me take them, along with my meds. Once my heart was again in a "safe" zone, she let me wean off one more time and this time my heart remained in the "normal" EF range! This proved to me that it was the supplements that were working! On my last appointment my EF was consistent at 57% (the same as my last appointment), and the doctor said my heart was completely normal, and that I COULD GET OFF MY MEDS!! I was absolutely ecstatic!! Going from thinking I was going to have to take meds my entire life to now being completely med-free...WOW!!!

So, thank you Corrij for all your advice and encouragement, and thank you God for healing me!!

Even though my doctor says I am totally fine and doesn't expect me to need continuing cardiology services in the future, I am still taking my supplements because in the back of my mind I am still scared that my heart is dependent on them. Is this true?? Is there any way to tell what would happen if I just stopped taking them (not that I plan to)??
Do you think there is anything I can cut down on now that I'm healthy? As much as I am so grateful to be off meds, I must admit it would be nice to not still be taking so many pills each day (and of course the monthly cost for all these is definitely a factor). But, I know that a lot of this stuff is good for your body, anyways...what do you think?

Again, I am so thankful for everything, Corrij. You are truly a blessing and have helped so many people like me to regain their health and their hope in the natural healing ability of the body. I just wish every patient who had cardiomyopathy could talk to you, as I am confident you can show them another way than what the average doctor would prescribe (and something that actually works!!!).

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

-Kiirsten )
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