MSM: increasing oxigen transport

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MSM: increasing oxigen transport

Bericht door Willy » zo aug 24, 2003 4:29 pm

<H4>The Multi-Purpose Compound MSM</H4>
MSM occurs naturally in the human body as a result of the food we eat. It is a normal component of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat. It has also been found in tea, coffee and chocolate. It has been detected in normal human urine. The amount of MSM present in the circulatory system of an adult human male is about 0.2 parts per million. Normal adult humans excrete from four to eleven milligrams of MSM per day in their urine. In vertebrates, the concentration of MSM decreases with age. Some research suggests that there is a minimum concentration of MSM that must be maintained in the body to preserve normal function and structure.

MSM is rated as one of the least toxic substances in biology. It is so inert and nontoxic that aqueous solutions can even be used as a blood diluent. In mice, no clinical changes were observed at oral doses of 2000 mg per kilogram of body weight. The lethal dose (LD50) of MSM for mice is over 20 grams per kilogram of body weight. Hundreds of patients have been treated at the Oregon Health Sciences University with oral MSM at levels above two grams daily for many years without serious toxicity.
<H4>MSM : DMSO After 20 years</H4>
We have seen some individuals with severely restricted lung function. Of these, only a few cooperated in vital function assessments. All cooperated in endurance measurements. Limited objective and strong subjective evidence suggests that MSM is a useful dietary supplement to reduce lung dysfunction
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<H4>DMSO and MSM The Biochemical Oxygen Transport Pair</H4>
The metabolic enhancement mechanism of DMSO (or MSM) is that of an exceptionally effective oxygen transport system. This transport system involves only two of the three oxidation forms, DMSO and dimethyl sulphone (also known as MSM). If we consider both DMSO and MSM coexisting in equilibrium within the body, (as they always would no matter which you started with) and recognizing that different parts of the body have different oxidation potentials. Then, as the combination is exposed to a zone of high oxidation potential, DMSO is oxidized to MSM resulting in a new distribution of DMSO and MSM which is higher in MSM. Then as the combination moves to a zone of lower oxidation potential, the MSM releases its oxygen, delivering it to the metabolic processes, resulting in a new distribution that is higher in DMSO again. The cycle then repeats itself and in doing so, serves as an exceptionally effective oxygen transport system.
Email conversation with David Gregg
To: David Gregg krysalis@value.nt
From: Willy Witsel <>
Subject: DMSO/MSM

David I would like to inform you that I have used MSM succesfully for two cardiomyopathy patients. Normaly I start with carnitine, Q10, Chroom suppletion, but now because of your article I thouhgt that MSM would give them an opportunity to improve there situation on the short term.

Both of them are feeling excellent now and I have troubles to convince them to continue with the other supplements.


Willy Witsel

To: Willy Witsel <>
From: David Gregg
Subject: Re: DMSO/MSM


Thank you very much for the uplifting email. This is the first time I
have heard of it being used for cardiomyopathy. It makes sense to me as
a part of the overall treatment, increasing oxygen transport.
Congradulations on making the imaginative connection.

I wonder how much arteriosclerosis might be a contributing factor. If
so, have you considered the lysine and vitamin C treatment identified by
Pauling and Rath? It is presented in some detail on the web page It worked for me and my mother in appearing to
reverse the process, reversing my angina and her macular degeneration
over a period of about 6 months (6 years ago). (2g lysine + 2g vitamin C
per day) I have wondered how it works and recently have come up with a
theory that makes sense to me. Very briefly: Herpes is a retro virus
that is known to be treatable with lysine. A retro virus has an RNA
genetic structure that makes a DNA template and programs it into your DNA
(genes) which then serves as a template that continues to produce the RNA
virus. Gene expression is controlled by a particular set of proteins in
the double helix structure and lysine is known to stimulate these
proteins to inhibit gene expression. I postulate that arterosclerosis is
caused by a herpes like virus, causing the well described sequence of the
development of arterosclerosis. Lysine stops the replication of this
virus (by inhibiting genetic replication of the virus) and vitamin C
boosts the immune system. With viral production stopped/greatly
inhibited and the immune system boosted, the arterisclerosis progression
is arrested and slowly heals/reverses.

If this theory is correct, there is no better treatment for
arteriosclerosis and all the problems it creates. What do you think?

David Gregg