READ THIS FIRST before using this forum

This forum is intended for international users to help them with the treatment of cardiomyopathy or heart failure.
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READ THIS FIRST before using this forum

Bericht door Willy » ma aug 18, 2003 1:42 pm

This forum contains scientific information on the treatment of cardiomyopathie (Heart Failure).

Scientific abstracts found in this forum mostly originate from:


This document is intended for specialists and cardiologists. It will provide them a scientific base for the treatment of Cardiomyopathy (Heart Failure) based on nutritional (supplements) methodologies.

The traditional treatment of cardiomyopathy consists of conventional medicines, such as cardiac diuretic, vasodilative agents, antiarrhythmics and beta blockers This nutritional therapy (supplements) can be seen as an adjuvant to traditional medicine. There is, however, no such thing as “The Wholly Grail” in treating cardiomyopathy. The nutritional treatment of cardiomyopathy, therefore, requires multiple nutritional interventions to be successful. Used without other supplements, CoQ10 may not give results as good as can be achieved when using it together with other important supplemental therapies..

It is, for non professionals, sometimes difficult to interpret scientific literature, but there are tricks that help
  • Read the title of the article, is it positively phrased? Yes, that's good. Are there any question marks in the title? That might be bad news.
  • Read the sentences after the OBJECTIVE marker, often found in the beginning of the abstract. These sentences will give you a clue what is going on.
  • Do not read anything on METHODS, DESIGN, etc. That is for the real scientists.
  • Look for the words RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS and read the sentences following this marker first.
  • If you can not find these OBJECTIVE, RESULT or CONCLUSION markers read only the first couple of sentences and the last sentences of the abstract.
This forum is intended to serve as an information base for the nutritional (using supplements) treatment of cardiomyopathy. Readers are invited to post additional scientific information on this topic. Do not post opinions in this forum, only use scientific information. Do not post information from web pages without clear scientific background.