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Bericht door Guido » do feb 28, 2008 2:16 am

Hi Corrij,
Thanks for clearing all that up for me. I'm not sure why my doctor prescribed cozaar. I never had high blood pressure, but when I was diagnosed with the cardiomyopathy, he put me on that, plus the other medications. I think it may be because he wants to bring my blood pressure even lower than it normally is to take as much pressure off my heart as possible. I also take Carvedilol which I also thought takes my blood pressure down. I will ask him to clear all of this up for me when I see him next.

Last year I tried increasing the Carvedilol to 50mg instead of 40mg, and my blood pressure went to around 49. He said that was definitely too low. It is still low but it is now between 50 and 60.

I will keep you posted on things. Hope you had a nice vacation earlier this month!




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