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Bericht door Beebs » zo mar 13, 2011 1:47 am

Has anyone been inject with thallium?

If yes, how many years ago?

Have you suffered from ill health since,
if so, what are your symptoms?

Many thanks.
Kind regards


Corrij (therapeut)
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Bericht door Corrij (therapeut) » ma mar 14, 2011 4:21 pm

Hello beebs,

Thallium Stress Test Risks
•The place of Intravenous (IV) might start bleeding, swell, pain or become red. Very rarely patients fall short of breath and develop chest pain.
•It might also lead to abnormal heartbeat, low blood pressure, leg pain, dizziness and heart attack in extreme conditions.
•Angina pain might also increase, which is a cardiac condition distinguished by chest pain due to lack of oxygen in the heart.
•The patient might face extreme fluctuations in the blood pressure.
•The irregularity in heart beat rate called arrhythmias can also be observed. It might go very fast, called tachycardia or very slow, called bradycardia.
Apart from all these thallium stress test side effects, if you are suffering from joint pain or obesity, then you must not take treadmill stress test which might increase your suffering. Also, if you observe symptoms like fatigue and nausea after the radio active substance is injected in the body, immediately inform the physician or laboratory staff. Other side effects of this heart test are shortness of breath and slight or severe headache. You might also feel a little inconvenience at the injected place like soreness and leg pain during the test. An isotope treadmill stress test can diagnose diseases nearly in eighty five percent of coronary artery patients. Approximately 10% of patients show incorrect results. It might be sometimes because of technical problem like patient wrongly marked overweight. The wrong result might be shown in case of females because of breast tissues, so they might be asked for another test called echo stress test. Inferior wall abnormalities might be observed in men with prominent diaphragm.

Those who do not have enough time for good health,
will not have good health for enough time.

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Bericht door Willy » do mar 17, 2011 4:42 pm

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